Comité Champagne – 15,800 winegrowers, 300 Champagne houses and a global brand

Champagne is one of the best-known brands worldwide. Actually this statement is not entirely correct, because it is in fact a geographical indication protected in most countries of the world and throughout the EU.

Panama PR is the German ambassador of the Comité Champagne and represents all of Champagne’s 15,800 winegrowers and around 300 Champagne houses in Germany and Austria. Our brand-neutral communications on the Protected Designation of Origin Champagne complement the producers’ own brand communication.

Campaigns: We promote knowledge about the AOC Champagne among professionals in the wine trade and the hotel and catering industry and educate all sommeliers trained in Germany and Austria about wines from Champagne.
Our contacts with lifestyle, specialist and popular media, bloggers and opinion leaders and very personal and intense. We keep a close eye on media coverage of Champagne in both countries. And we help to protect Champagne as a designation of origin from misuse by other products and comparative advertising. Each year we organise more than 30 champagne seminars, masterclasses, press conferences and trips to Champagne for journalists and wine professionals. Gala events organised by Panama PR with up to 300 guests make it possible to experience the connections between champagne, good food and joie de vivre.

The result: We ensure that the region and the wines of Champagne are the subject of conversation in a positive and lasting way. More than 1,400 media reports each year communicate Champagne’s leading position in the world’s most important market for sparkling wine: Germany.

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